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About Us

Westport Lobster Company has been a cornerstone in Westport since 1967, providing fresh seafood to the community. In October 2019, Skip Manchester took over Westport Lobster Company, fulfilling a childhood dream as the business changed hands in ownership for the first time in the Westport Lobster Company's history. 

Skip Manchester is a native Westporter. A commercial fisherman for 25 years Skip ran boats from 40 - 150 feet off the Gulf of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, fishing for many different species of seafood. When he retired to be with his growing family, Skip still craved his connection to the ocean and started a company in New Bedford in 2010, called Liberty Lobster.


Through Liberty Lobster, Skip was able to continue his passion for seafood through purchasing the catches of his fellow fishermen, many of whom preferred doing business with someone who knew their plight. Because of this and more, Liberty Lobster has grown to become a leader in wholesale seafood industry in New Bedford. With all of his experiences in this industry, Skip is thrilled to finally acquire his hometown retail seafood market and bring it to new heights. 

Since taking over Westport Lobster Company, Skip has enjoyed interacting with and meeting customers old and new, discussing their seafood necessities and desires for the market. 

Westport Lobster Company is excited to bring this wonderful community the seafood market of it's dreams. We look forward to exciting expansions and updates to come soon and we thank you for your patronage & support.


Our Mission & Vision

It is our mission at Westport Lobster to make the freshest, highest quality seafood available to you. Our vision for Westport Lobster is one that encapsulates the bounty of both Sea and the Land, which we will bring to you by utilizing the years of relationships made with harvesters from both Land and Sea. 

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